I'm a photographer based in Cambridge Massachusetts and I've had a camera in my hand for almost as long as I've been able to read or write. My grandfather gave me my first camera when I was still in elementary school - an old English box camera with a little ground glass viewfinder that gave me a whole new way to see the world.
I was hooked.
Even today, I rarely leave the house without a camera and my wife complains that I take more pictures of strangers than I do of my family (not true by the way!)
My work has been featured online on popular arts and culture websites like Mashable, and published in print both here in the U.S. and in Europe. My photography was selected for an exhibition in NYC organized by the Marc Jacobs Design Group.
My portfolio of clients includes companies from a wide range of sectors, including retail, publishing, music, independent film production, hospitality, law, energy, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, medical, veterinary and education.
I welcome assignments to shoot commercial or editorial photography, as well as artistic performances. Please contact me for my rates and scheduling, or you can just follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the links in the buttons below.